Tackle Me Gently

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

I looked out, upon flat blue and scanned the truncated horizon on either side. Columns of white crashed down recklessly, framing the otherwise serene vision. It was like grace under fire, an arrangement of atoms electing not to, for any reason, disturb what they had intended in a split second of the infinite stretch of Cronos to become. I witnessed all of this, watching silently for the clash between chaos and order, but it never came, only a stirring of anxiety and wonder inside of me. I moved on to the next vista, looking at the eternal wrinkles of the oldest woman, considering how all becomes dust, how all is not meant to last, and yet somehow, this woman, this vision of gentle femininity carried on day after day. My trip through this sensory collection had only just begun, and already I was overwhelmed with emotions I had no other reason to experience besides being in the presence of images that evoked them so clearly.


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