I Found The Egg

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The grass was fragrant, a dying yellow, and the stray dogs that trotted through the streets at night were sleeping near bushes, or maybe looking around for scraps. The thin denim pockets concealed a wad of large bills that exchanged hands between two supposed strangers sitting next to each other on a bench that looked out onto the playground. No goods or services came after that, but had certainly come before. No words exchanged, just a stray dog that trotted up fearlessly before pausing and rising on its haunches. A roving pack of mail inserts and flyers tumbled by, a mini-cyclone of post-modern leaves sliding through the empty streets. The traffic light flickered from red to off and then back to red. It was unseasonably cold for April and unusually quiet for Phoenix, but the world was a different place now. The two men got up and headed in different directions, avoiding the more curious canines. The last bit of film clicked through the camera and the blinds were quickly shut. It would long night in the dark room, so Francois grabbed his coat and checked his pockets for a cigarette pack that wasn’t empty. No such luck.


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