Pasta Competition

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ten fingers splayed out and curled up, their tips brown with dried blood. The fingers balled into fists, relaxed to fill the form of deep coat pockets, and walked slowly out back onto the harbor boardwalk. The white circle of moonlight reflected on the shifting waters, becoming a wobbly pillar that served like a spotlight. Johnny couldn’t take the risk, but he couldn’t take any risk, and one was surely to pull his number faster than the other. Ducking back into the alley, he dragged Patrick’s limp body to the boardwalk’s edge. He took off his coat, emptied his pockets, and then wrapped Patrick in the coat, hefting him over his shoulder and awkwardly stumbling to the end of the dock before chugging him into the ocean. Patrick hit the water with a splash and then bobbed near the pier’s underside. Johnny waited for him to begin washing out with the tide. He took the belongings he’d set down on the wooden path and took a long, winding route home that would bring him off the street mere minutes before sunrise.


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