Claiming the Bacon

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Time is the most valuable resource – you can never really get more, you simply can lose it faster. You can save money, or win the lottery, you can drill for oil or plant trees, but all of these things don’t amount to real, livable time. The workaround for this, the only real strategy for dealing with this half-life is to extend a legacy beyond the amount of time your body can have, so that you are discussed, viewed, remembered past your expiration date. Or cloning or cryogenics, I suppose, though there are plenty of loopholes behind each of those that are preventing them from being real.

And how would you know that a clone would be you? I suppose, a scientist would say, you’d have to prove it. Bryan has 5 clones made of himself, all brought to life and taken through an identical experience in which they are informed a) They are in fact a clone, and b) there has been a war and the country of their residence is under enemy control. If the message is delivered uniformly, and all 5 clones react in a way that is say, 99% similar, then perhaps you can discount the notion of the soul forevermore. Otherwise, you bring into question a very curious thought about whether you can clone a person, or simply create a vessel for human consciousness formed out of the ether.

  1. Carl says:

    Isn’t thinking and speculation fun!
    [Still haven’t mailed your book”s”. (I changed my mind again and decided to also send the one I’m also done with)]

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