Threaded To Tile

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

The taco truck billowed exhaust and a jarring rattle from its personal generator, pushing a mixture of steam and smoke and volume into the cold night air. Young twenty-somethings lined up rubbing their gloved hands together and blowing either breath or cigarette smoke to mix with the truck’s cloud, either chatting lopsidedly with others in their group or tapping out text messages on their phone. These were the true 21st century hedonists, the ones who after a long night of drinking and smoking and maybe a pill, would retreat to the safe comfort of some grease and calories wrapped haphazardly in foil paper. They’d make sex noises as they bit into their tacos and burritos, ingredients squirting their way to the pavement to be discovered by birds in the morning, or the adventurous mouse, each too hungry and too spoiled to consider adapting their lifestyle for the winter. In more than one way they were alike, the scavengers and the hedonists, they were growing fat at the breast of the city, content to drink their fill.


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