Magellan In Blackest Pitch

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

The yawn rose up from his stomach through his chest, and it felt it tightly wrapped around his bruised ribs. Each one took the breath out of his mouth twice as fast, and he hunched forward to somehow diminish the pain. It didn’t work. Neither did the pipe. Resigned, he knocked it against the deck railing and emptied it of the burnt contents. Sleep hadn’t been very possible over the past few days because of the pain, and so he was familiar with nights like these, staring up at the stars that quietly blinked night after night or at the moving clouds that deigned to cover them up. For a giant world full of people, a man could sure feel alone in the silence of the dark, he thought. He measured his breath carefully, only drawing as much as he could before his chest ached and exhaling before the pain knocked the breath out of him automatically. This was no way to live.


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