The Man Who Never Knew How Tall He Really Was

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

The condensation on the glass of iced rye whiskey fell down the side, first deliberately and then like a child riding his bike down a hill and learned in that moment that his brakes were not operational. It hit the blotter and stained it a darker shade of manila as the hands gripping tweezers, shaking and sweating, failed to notice. Instead, they just jerked over and grabbed the glass, violently raising it to lips and emptying its contents in two large gulping gasps, followed by a shudder. The glass was set back on the blotter, the hands set back to work, and the night was only four hours into its share of the day. There was still so much to do before the flood came, and the threat of a crying baby was so palpable that the man could feel his heart pounding through his ribs, which made his task no easier. On the plus side, at least he had an empty bottle for his ship now.


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