Groaning, Restless

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a productive week, albeit kind of an emotional one. Chalk it up to work taking its toll, or not getting enough sleep every night, or financial worries, or what have you, but I’ve been in full introvert mode and content to be there. Plus side, things are getting done. Down side, hermit stuff. Small potatoes though. The weekend is here for me in effectively 90 minutes, at which point I will be relaxing, save for a quick project I need to bang out tonight and might not get to until later. Then it’s good people, some good food eventually, and a Super Bowl where I am fond of both teams, so it’s a fuzzy feel-good fest. Also wondering when the Olympics start, but I have too many tabs open already. I’ll get there eventually. Just wanted to catch you all up to speed before I vanish. Hasta lunes, muchachos. Vamanos. Queso fries.


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