Exit Unto Open Spaces

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

On tiny wafers, small little bits of conductors and plastic, infinite worlds have been laid out before us. We live all in the same place, we humans, and though it changes daily, it does so so often at a rate that we find it difficult to perceive until we are several feet taller and many pounds heavier than we once were. We try to imagine what it was like to be small, to crawl under tables and to have to jump onto furniture for purchase, but the brain is not so good at doing so. And so we retreat, instead, to the lands of our youth, the playscapes and rolling fields and massive cities where we once saved princesses, and defeated the villain, and restored peace and order to the land. Our charges remain in wait for us, our tasks refreshed anew each time, and in the name of remembering what it was like to be small and wondrous wide-eyed, we do as we are instructed yet again, not in the name of righteousness but in the name of remembrance.


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