Family Man

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ever have one of those dreams that’s so dark you feel like you need to issue a non-dream apology to the people involved? That was my morning. On the plus side, it got me up early enough to be productive and alert in time for some late morning business discussions, which I will follow-up with a relaxing walk to the burrito dispensary for my new, excellent tradition of Burrito Thursdays. If you don’t have a loving burrito barista (burritsta) in your life, I feel bad for you, truly. Granted, this is a product of my life in New Mexico, I think many can certainly do without an intimate relationship with a person who cooks food and rolls it into a tortilla for you, but I’m telling you right now that happiness is not a warm puppy, happiness is a hot, fresh, succulent burrito. So even if all you have is a Chipotle, even if you have to cook the eggs and cube potatoes and refried beans yourself, have a nice burrito.

  1. Carl says:

    Thank you!

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