Here is a Map of a Cookie

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The weekend is almost over. Temporally speaking. I have a night ahead of me, at least to some degree. Deadlines, desserts, drumming, durdling about. Just things I need to get done after a weekend of hard relaxin’. For clarity’s purpose, I paused after the previous sentence and got the dessert out of the way. So cross that off the list. This week is already looking to be super busy and constant work, so I’m glad that things are going, and gears and turning and progress, but man, I almost barely miss the days of waiting and no responses. I guess the problem isn’t with me, because when things started blowing up again, I told myself I would take weekends off. What has, instead, occurred is that Fridays are the days that I am drawing in the most work. It’s work, I’m glad, but I think the perception is I’m a freelancer, so here’s some Friday homework to turn in on Monday, and instead I’m trying to run a business hours operation and am instead complaining daily on my blog. Kiwi birds.


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