Further I Drive

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

The night is cold and unwelcoming. Crickets noisily boast their presence along the ground and the walls of nearby buildings as if they were a threat to any creature in the world. How foolish and stupid. The reality is that they announce to the whole nocturnal world a tiny snack. Mostly for stray cats looking for a game/meal combo, but under the right circumstances, even a human being would be excited to hear the gentle chirp signifying a nuisance to some, good luck to others, and a way to stave off hunger a few minutes longer for some unfortunate few. The cigarette I was smoking was poor quality, foreign-made no doubt, and burned too quickly,  but it was enough of a companion. The view from the front and only door to my motel room was bleak – a barely lit parking lot, a dark field of some sort across the frontage road, and nothing in all directions beyond that. A few other cars were parked near mine, occupants of other rooms, but I could not fathom what would bring other people to this desolate strip of nowhere. I could barely remember why I would choose to be here.

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