Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Be a good friend. I’d heard the words whispered to me before being nudged in the back by my mother, socializing on her insistence with children I didn’t know. At her “suggestion” I learned how to put my needs aside for others, even in conditions where I needed to focus on schoolwork, or sleep, or training for the state championships. It was the kind of thing that adults liked to heap praise on me for, for taking on the sins and scabs and scrapes of the world. The guidance counselor suggested priest. Or fireman. I just wanted to be selfish. Because that’s what stupid adolescence is like, you try to be the one thing that’s the exact opposite of what anybody wants you to be. But I still lived by that mantra – Be a good friend. The thing about being a good friend though, is sometimes people don’t ever try to be a good friend to you. They show up to your birthday, invite you out to parties, but when you’re scraping by on borrowed everything, they just try to put a smile on your face. Some friends.


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