I Am Being As Brave As I Can

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

I take a deep breath, and click on the email. There isn’t much to see. All it says is “We’re here to help” then some line breaks followed by “sliver/yamato” and then further down is a button that just says PRESS. So I do. Now my heart’s racing, I can’t handle the curiosity. I have to know more. The page loads up, pure black, and a dialog box, one of the old primitive ones pops up. There’s a username field and a password field. I didn’t know I had a username or a password but I’m not stupid either. I type “sliver” in the top box and “yamato” in the bottom. I wonder why I didn’t get to pick my username. I wonder what the password means. I wonder who knows about me.

The page loads slowly, as it bounces from server to server across the globe to make it as untraceable as possible. For a second, I think it may actually be broken. But I’m patient. I wait it out, and finally, with no real fanfare, a very simple looking page pops up. “Think carefully. What are you looking for?” There are four buttons beneath. Justice, Revenge, Answers, Acceptance. So I click the red box that says Revenge.


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