Waiting Patiently In A Mine Shaft With A Mug of Cherry Coke

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m getting things done, you see. It may look to the average person like I am reliving the same moments repeatedly, but I’m different than the average person. I learn from my mistakes. I relish in them. I know that not everything I do is certainly up to standard, but I know how to relish in the shame or secrecy. I like knowing things that nobody else knows. Like the locations of treasure. I’ve found a few, and I leave them, cryptically in places I feel I can trust nobody will discover. And then ones like this, this precious collection of gold and ruby, I keep these clung to my chest, far out of the eight-legged reach of the spiders, hidden from the sonar of the bats, these are mine and I cradle them like my children. Once I considered removing them from this dank, dark hole, but every mother knows that the moment you bring your babies into the world, they’re always a second closer to leaving you behind.


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