I Had Something Until Chocolate Happened

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the cover of darkness, a decision was made, then unmade, then remade, not to set an alarm for the following morning. I assumed that my inability to sleep through the night would serve me well. When I next opened my eyes, it was far too bright and warm out to be 6 in the morning. I knew that something bad had happened, and that my day would be significantly different. And it has been. But I did win the live fantasy football super bowl by catching a very tiny plastic football and crawling my way into the end zone untouched. So I woke up a champion, even if I have significantly less time to do the things I need to do today. Stupid time-sensitive deadlines. But I can eject all kinds of thing and rearrange my afternoon and later I’m going to get burritos after going to the bank, so things are going to be a-okay.

  1. Carl says:

    Good. Have a great day (a little late).
    How about tomorrow?

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