Repeated Disasters

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Another restless night. Tossing, turning. Then once sleep comes, it needs be interrupted lest the dream get too real. This is my present reality. It sucks. I hate it, but hey, you dance with the one you brought. I think once the mystery of the situation is gone, it’ll be easier to handle. I actually was having bad dreams even before I fell asleep last night, this weird cycle of wanting to sleep but having to work, but not being able to sleep because the work was done and I was just imagining it and ugh. Bad shit. I know how to deal if it gets really bad though. I’m not worried. I’d just like to be able to sleep through the night. It’s been a few days now, it’s getting kind of old. I’ll find ways to make it work. I always do. I’m crafty like that. Or so I like to think.


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