Artificial Precipitation

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

The word shuts up a little bit for the movement of clouds. See, the world always has to make some kind of noise, and all things do it. From the whooshing of motor vehicles and the tittering of birds to the fart sounds that push through tightly-pressed idle lips waiting for something to say. However, when precipitation occurs, as it may do with varying frequency depending on your locale, the world closes its collective mouth and watches with silent awe. The birds wait quietly, the home settles somehow more softly, even the ever-rushing automobile, which stops for no time or event save a small red dot, simply echoes back the sound and the water that lay beneath it, layering the noise unto itself. And so it is not the bacteria, the man, or the city planner that truly holds dominion over this planet we live on, but the humble cloud, who stalls all before it when it wishes to speak, and allows the world to move in futility beneath it when there is nothing to be said.


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