You Can’t Spell Allergies Without Sir Ale Leg

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Oh man, I completely forgot that it’s Burrito Thursday until just now. Which is a good thing because I am certainly dying something fierce from allergies. I probably sneezed more times last night than I have in the past two years combined, and the hot green chile heat will feel super good in opening up those uncooperative, constricted passageways. Allergies were just something I’ve always lived with but once I learned the real sort of “cause” of them on a biological level, it was hard not to take it out on myself. I appreciate my physical defenses being ready and eager to protect me from various things, but it would be nice if they just learned over time not to be so totalitarian about it. What if I want to just pet cats and eat ice cream all day? To many people, that sounds like a fantastic day. To my body, for whatever reason, it’s cause for extreme illness. So way to go, me. Way to ruin everything.


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