Follow Along at Home

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

The 3 of Spades. I can’t even tell you right now how such an insignificant little speck of a thing just fell silently and ended my night in unbelievable fashion. Literally. The kind of thing that makes you suspect those closest to you of nefarious deeds. But there it was, so I packed up, finished my beer, and laid down in bed, hot and unable to breathe well, tossing and turning, being yanked unwillingly through the weekend. And now it’s Sunday. I have plans to go out to dinner, maybe watch a little TV, but for the most part – work. I want today to be the kind of day that sets the tone for the rest of my week – that is to say, I want to get a lot of work today so that I don’t necessarily have to do a lot of work tomorrow. And I have a lot of things that need catching up on, so enough blabbering at you, time to hit the salt mines.


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