Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was really fretting over a hard decision this last couple of months, and I’ve finally stumbled onto an answer that I think is satisfactory. It’s still going to be a difficult situation, but I know what my goal is now, and that’s such an integral part of any plan of action. Even if the path is difficult, to know where one is headed is invaluable information. And that’s where I am now, standing with a map and a mountainous stretch in front of me, but I’m determined to see the other side. And I think the feeling of accomplishment will be enormous.

Of course, now that I am typing this out I am experiencing trepidations and doubts, but I know in my head that my cause is just and true, and if worse comes to worse I can be selfish and reap the benefits solo. I have a contingency. I have a posse.


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