Regional Mystery Squad

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Last night, I conceded to the one thing that is a surefire sign that I am not sleeping well – I took my pillow, put it on the opposite end of the bed, and slept that way. I have to do this every so often because I don’t know why. But the excitement(?) of sleeping with a new perspective was at least in this instance enough to finally get me to sleep.  I hate not being able to sleep when I want to and I hate when the reason for me not being able to is not being able to quiet my head down about things that I really don’t have a lot of business worrying about. Some things you can control. Other things you can’t. Something is biting me in my sleep. Something is causing my allergies to go haywire. Something good is going to happen soon. Something needs to change. Some things are liquids, other things are solids.


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