Smooth Blurry Bees

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

If a government ever really wanted to spy on its citizens, the answer is simple – implant a bug on a pet’s microchip. Pet owners are keen to chip their pets, in order to prevent them from being euthanized, so any rebels and radicals with loyal dogs or calm, independent cats, or industrious rats will provide companionship to their owners, and intelligence to their nation. And people would probably still keep pets, because they seem somehow genetically disposed to doing so, even knowing the inherent risks of doing so.

It’s curious why this is, why humans have taken the top of the food chain two ways – dominion and responsibility intertwined. It is perhaps a survival instinct, knowing that the planet has a balance that can be tipped but ultimately must be maintained to some degree. You can’t have all peanut butter with a little chocolate. You can’t have sour cream chips without some onion in there.

Bees, graves, tempestuous, arrhythmic


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