Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ll let you in on a little secret. It was shortlived, and it was on a technicality, but for the first time in maybe 45-60 days, I was all caught up with my work yesterday. I still had a house that needed to be cleaned from top to bottom (though I did manage to tidy my workspace a bit), plenty of business upkeep and long-term projects that went undone, but in terms of my day-to-day, moneymaking activity, my inbox was completely empty. And it remained so for about 3 hours, but I have to tell you, those 3 hours were glorious. I felt light and free, I felt no guilt about playing video games, and when I went to sleep I wasn’t doing math in my head to make sure I was awake in time to meet deadlines. It. Was. Fantastic. Obviously now the challenge is to maintain that level of productiy, something that a 1000+ page book arrived at my doorstep to laugh in my face about, but certainly the two events are adjacent for a reason. I’ll work hard to maintain caught-up-ness and then when I have the extra burst of time and energy again, I’ll get that upkeep business brought up as well. Then start cleaning the house. Then start planning for the future. Things are good.


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