In Search of Answers

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Crossing a border but not an ocean, the plane touched down among the desert sands and settled among the American southwest. A host of tourists and professionals disembarked, they fit into neat categories: Aching Legs and Backs, Entering Restaurants and Tourist Attractions, malnourished from being in airports all day. The desert was like another planet for some, fitting in with their worldview but somehow foreign and impossible to actually be within it. The rental cars and taxis circled around, crammed ever more with luggage and foldout maps. It was not like the exodus from a bus however, where everyone steps off and disperses all their own ways. The airport was too busy, constantly accepting and dispensing people like a kind of portal to another city. Business or pleasure, tourist or singularly focused, nobody came to the desert simply to see what would happen next. They came in search of some kind of wonder, some sort of deeper truth or grand step forward, and they either left disappointed and empty-handed, or with a sense of stillness and peace.


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