A Bullet Falls Simply

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Her long shaking fingers pulled the pack of cigarettes out of her side pocket and gripped the cardboard a little too tightly. There was no smoking in the office as per a litany of regulations both corporate and judicial, but the room full of eyes stood still and slack-jawed, focused on the scene on the monitor of fire, blood, and chaos. The intimidatingly outdated beige handset telephone rang its real bells and everyone’s heart jumped a beat. The board operator answered it without saying anything and lowered his head. He cupped his hand over the mouthpiece and looked at Laura, who was already smoking her cigarette in long, painful gasps. “It’s home office.” The operator said, staring at Laura like a child stares at a parent when someone comes to the front door. “They want you to switch to the news.” Laura’s eyes stayed the course, assessing her surroundings in a quiet moment as everyone in the room looked at her. The clock showed 3:38 PM, kids home from school, some all alone. She pulled the cigarette from her lips and pressed on an eye in stress. This wasn’t why she took a job running a children’s cable network. One monitor showed history, a dead president and a few dozen others being pulled from fire and rubble. The monitor next to it showed a cartoon older than her, all ducks and pigs and dynamite. She flicked the cigarette onto the linoleum tile and stomped it out. “Run the fucking rabbit.” She said, turning for the exit. “And don’t pick up that phone again.”

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