The Alternative is Messy

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

I said I wouldn’t be blogging today, or this weekend, but I think both of those statements are going to wind up false. I am due to hit the road any minute now, and that is exciting, but in the meantime I am watching my inbox and my workload grow unchecked to proportions that can be described only as “disappointingly large.” I’m being mindful of it, only raising issue when something is physically not a possibility for me, but how I expected the next few days to go in my head and how they actually will appear to shape up are two entirely different things. You know it’s bad when something you reminded yourself to do that will take 30 seconds has gone ignored for 2 hours. But that’s the life of a freelancer, of a businessman, always working, always putting off work, always looking for ways to work less and make more.

I am sharply focused on this trip and what it entails, and I am determined to just keep powering through once it is over and staying on top of my work.


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