Common Courtesy

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello readers. I am back from my adventure in Alamogordo, and I know a lot of people have lots of questions, but I am going to politely ask that they be held or at least used responsibly of the next couple of days. I am totally wiped out and worn out from the trip, and I am paying dearly for taking a weekend off of work. So I politely ask that you hold all calls and questions until a few days from now, as I am scrambling to get a lot of things done without making everybody angry. It’s keeping me unrested and with plenty of stress, but once I’m through the thick of this, I think it may time to clean shop a little bit. So thank you for your continued patience and wish me luck. I’m feeling pretty ready to lay down and pull the blanket over my head at this point, but I’m determined to power through.


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