Nice Legs For a Fish

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Twiddled fingers and time spent wisely can account for nothing but a horse and three cheese lasagna. A press conference in the dark is worth four in sign language. Never tell a hockey goalie how to make a sanded oak vanity. I was once asleep, and to sleep I shall return, but first: green shirts. The one person who can never win a dance contest is the one who is still thinking about sports scores. Twist the knife, burn the pretzel. Burn the pretzel, have another. Twice before darts, except when there’s farts. A truth is something everyone can share, but when it runs out the stores will be closed. Purchase purpose powerful porpoise princess. Spicy fruit is the last thing anyone expected to find in the chambers of the ancient Pyramids. One more eighteen should get me right to where the bus can pull up and let off all the sheriffs.



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