Hey Potato Hey Hey Potato Tato

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

I understand the initial hump of getting to that point, but there is something extremely satisfying about performing for a crowd. Even if you don’t have all the love in the room, even if you’re presenting versus competing, there is a real energy of people observing and feeling strongly one way or the other on the outcome of an event. I’m going to have multiple chances in the coming months to capture, enjoy, and even cultivate that energy, all of which are apparently going to be located in Albuquerque, but that’s okay. Being in the hometown crowd is a cop-out. You have to go somewhere new and earn respect. I like the challenge. Albuquerque is shaping up to be a place that I’m going to have to visit more often, and that’s fine. I like the people there well enough. Also, Tucano’s. It’s just going to be hard to make room for that and keep up with everything else. But hey, like I said. I like the challenge.


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