The Quiet Uneasy

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

The table quietly did their work, sitting across from each other in silence, hoping that nobody would interrupt the nice thing they had going. Nobody had to talk to each other and the task was being done. A quick glance at the clock was caught. The probability of words being spoken was raising by the second. An eye roll was sufficient, the exasperated, overdramatic sigh was pushing it. But it worked, and the quiet room continued to be so, paper flutting and skripping being the most pronounced audio in the cubicle. The table was a mess, with little slips of paper spread all over it, some being put into files, some being taken out, but the team of two did so almost telepathically, knowing after years and years of experience where everything went and where it needed to be next, what it belonged alongside and what was destined for the waste bin. But the one rule, the one cardinal rule that both people endeavored not to break was not to speak to one other. Not because it was against company policy, but because they had a raw and powerful disdain for one another.

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