I Used To Be A Poet

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

I did. Over a decade ago. About a decade ago. Wherein whereabouts withheld whathwhooth. But I was. And I had a lot of positive things said about my work. Maybe because nobody ever wants to tell a poet “Poetry is bullshit” to their face, but the legacy did not endure. Maybe I was just in such a wildly emotional phase, maybe it was the jarring transition from childhood to adulthood, but for a time the words flowed out of me, the verse, the meter, from mind to hand to pen to paper, or keyboard, if I was so equipped. It was a slow, arduous process typing all of the keys I needed using only a pen but one must suffer for one’s art. Over time I mellowed out, or grew too embarrassed, or just lost that all-or-nothing attitude with the world and the poems stopped coming. I wonder if I could still write them. I wonder if they still live within me. I wonder how much time I saved by not pursuing the medium commercially. Although I did write some greeting cards. They were terrible. And I think they rhymed. Some of them rhymed. God, I hate rhyming.

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