Where Is Dark?

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

“Get up!” Petey yelled, loud enough for himself to hear but not loud enough to drown out the crowd shouting excitedly. Thom’s head was ringing anyways, he could see the ceiling of the venue but it was weird. It was pulsating blackness. He tried to bring it into focus but it made him want to throw up. He grit his teeth and pushed on his hand to get upright. That made it a million times worse, and Thom could only repeat one mantra to himself: “Don’t throw up. They’ll never give you another pay-per-view card if you retch all over the ring.” He took a deep breath and heard the number six. Fuck, he thought. Staggeringly he pulled himself back up and felt his guts heaving up his throat. Thom swallowed. Hard. It was miserable, it was disgusting, and he knew it would take one good body shot for it all to come up faster than he could keep it down. Now that would be an interesting result. He waggled his gloved fist and nodded to the referee sleepily, remembering he had a bigger problem to deal with. That problem’s name was “Sweet” Leon Harther, and he was coming in swinging.

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