Find Time For Breakdancing

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I’m out for blood, out with buds, out with the old and up with people. Propositioning prepositions for the purpose of purloining a purse or some sirloin, spinning words into wine that flows like aguas frescas. Ignoring animals and their radical magnanimous magma spewing forth from their minds and mouths like too much noise. I’ve heard the discord, I’ve read between the queues in the quintessential cacophony and found nothing but static and white noise, a system that even in stagnation represents the ill-gotten gains of a long, drawn-out power struggle with no end in sight. I’ve given up on the juice, I’ve spurned the sauce and I am left standing, whole and in charge and afraid of everything, including being afraid to show that fear. So watch me fall, watch me fly, watch me fry cook on Venus because this wheel won’t stop turning so don’t try to save me with a magnet, I’m not ferrous.


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