I Call Into Question Your Freshness

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I thought for sure my sleep schedule was a goner after this weekend, but thanks to the unrelenting desire of Erin and I to sleep, I managed to wake up at 9AM this morning. I’m tempted to call it an early night tonight and go back even farther to my 6-7AM wake up time of last week, but there were several days where I just wanted to climb into bed long before the night’s festivities were expired, so I think 9AM is a decent place to be. Also, it’s the roommate’s birthday, so we’re going out for a nice Mongolian lunch, and cookie butter — why is that a thing and how unfair is it that it is so tasty? These are the mysteries I am currently facing as I am working through my holiday and planning an event that I am super psyched about but I hope everyone else will be too. There is a good chance they won’t be. But damn it, I want to believe!

  1. Carl says:

    Don’t stop believing (via some rock band from the 80s)

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