The Violent Swings

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

The earth is begging for rain. Its parched throat extends outward for miles as it reaches up with tired, withered, and dried limbs in search for a simple drink. But the sky does not listen. She just floats on by, pretending not to hear, refusing to look. It takes the man, with his small legs and needs of his own to fill the pail and pour it out for the earth, feeding it water that is fed through pipes and machinery, treated with chemicals not normally found in most natural supplies, to give the Earth what it desires. It drinks the liquid deep but ultimately, this is not what it wants. It wants the sky to notice its plight, it wants the sky to remedy its needs. The sky is coy however, and always out of reach. Occasionally she will listen, but one is left to wonder if her response is intentional, or merely just a happy accident.


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