A Possibility of Wealth in the Wealth of Possibilities

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I hate cancelling plans with someone. It is probably among the things I hate doing the most in life. That being said, sometimes this is misconstrued as an opportunity to impose on me that which I have not promised, which is irritating. And yet still, if I have to put the foot down and say “No, I can’t do that” I still feel bad. I go out of my way to do a lot for people. As a community organizer and all-around decent friend I admit this trait readily. But it is always this balancing act of bringing a few hours of joy into the lives of the people I know and using those same few hours for my own personal gain. So what changes? Probably nothing, just a re-prioritization, a lack of participation, that sort of thing. I have learned how to build the machine and start it, then take a step back and let it run on its own. It’s an important skill, and one that may not be as personally satisfying, but there is a modicum of pride to take in creating something that is just fine without you. God, I sound like a parent.


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