Conscription of Mind

Posted: June 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Twirling, swirling down to into the dark black suck, the whirlpool twisted its tornadoed shape long below where the sun could reach, where blue meets black, where life goes to hide and evolve over millions of years, emerging as something new and exciting to the scientific minds despite its long and torturous existence beyond our scope of vision. We always reach out and yearn to leave as people, it makes sense that we are not as ready to plunge deep within our own sphere of home-sense and look for the truth of life there. Instead, we insist it must be beyond us, a force we can not control but can only hope to curry its favours.

What we end up with is emptiness and vacuum both internally and externally. Nothing filling nothing in an oroboratic rhythm, until we have consumed all but nourished none. And then, we hold out our hand and ask for food from the next man, hoping he has enough for the both of us when he in turn is slowly eating away at his own identity as well.


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