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Posted: June 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s already Wednesday. Today has been a weird one, starting with the sleep of hellhounds. I was tormented by nightmares and intestinal distress that led to me getting in and out of bed multiple times until such time that I was sufficiently rested. The situation is ripe for me to flip around though, and I feel confident that doing so will not have too many negative effects on me this time. So I’m up, transcribing interviews and writing blog posts, making money, and when the time comes for relaxation I will embrace it. For now though, this feels like a day that moved right past me without my notice. That’s fine. I’ve got so many other days, and I’m not letting go of the twilight of this one, making the most of it with a good deal of interesting projects. New ideas. Technology. Robots. Smaller cars. Ceramics. Tooth enamel. Yeomen.



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