Quiet Dealings

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

The afternoon is already nearly over, and all I’ve done today is enjoy the rain, sleep, and watch some World Cup. I’m okay with this, you see, I am really on top of my stuff right now, and I am getting things done in the meantime to be certain. Yesterday, I was well-accomplished and did a great deal while still enjoying some quality soccer and relaxation. Today, I am mostly prepared for tonight’s fighting game group, and am getting some things done while that hour approaches, but mostly just watching World Cup. Hey, it only comes once every four years, right? And if I’m on top of my assignments and functioning at a high level right now, who’s to say I can’t watch some group stage matches at the same time? My plan for the weekend? More of the same. More responsibility, more being on top of things, and much, much more soccer. It’s the good life.


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