So Plainly Stated

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Boredom is a monster, a demon, a thing that I as vanguard of entertainment must stare down and defeat. Yesterday I came armed with an arsenal and was struck right in the weak point of my phalanxian attire. It stung, stung hard, and now my problems are much larger, but I always find a way, I intend to continue to do so. Right now, I am avoiding construction of tools and re-armament as long as possible, opting for the light, almost portable gear in my quest of continuity, but its usefulness is wearing down to the end. I will need stronger tools. I will need to follow the blueprint and piece together the tanks and the airplanes. And then I can sit in the coolness of the centralized air, in the stillness and regularity of my living quarters, and fiercely attack my old foe, he who poisons those around me but never I. I will get revenge.

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