Coffin Fit

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was easy, a brief little bit of a day with few distractions and less work. I was productive until the power went out, until the emergency crews were down the street, until the rain started to fall. I did some cleaning in private, throwing out bags and bags of overdue trash, and also reading the books sent to me time and time again. But when the dust settled and it was just me, my Pizza Pringles, and the aftermath of a bizarre evening, I settled in with some new games and the urge to make fast progress against a growing tide of tasks. It was nice. I’ve even taken to having a bit of a celebration each day as I complete my daily work goal, and that’s been a nice little piece of tape to run towards. But if the rain starts falling again, and if the power grid continues to struggle against a city of air conditioners trying their hardest, there may be more interruptions to come.


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