The Siege and Conquest of Smooth Lou’s Waterbed Emporium

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

After all the cards had been spread out and organized as was taught by the elders, the participants of the reading tutted and clicked their tongues and the noisy musician who had lofted in the floor above the parlour of fortune. Such a precise sojourn into the land of the dead required but a few things, but they were crucial. And these few things: silence, concentration, focus, solemnity, were in no short supply. The miller tapped his foot with the music though he was doing his best to not offend anybody in the room. He had a fondness for dance and the entire town was aware of it, and while normally the women would laugh and tell stories of his fluid and graceful movements (until the introduction of wine into his blood) now it was a cause for sneering. The medium rubbed one palm in the other, closing her eyes as if she could will away the young entertainer, but he would not relent as he wrote measure after performed measure, committing to paper what lay in his heart. The dead would need to be patient, it seemed. Fortunately, they all had time in abundance.


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