Taking My Sweet Ass Time

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I woke up today, later than usual. I did this because I have late night engagements both tonight and tomorrow and it just wouldn’t be conducive to those plans if I felt like crawling into bed around 7 or 8PM. So I woke up, a little after the sun did, and got to work taking care of things I needed to get done today. Only, the thing is, I’ve done all kinds of things, both productive and not, and yet I’ve been putting off the say, two or three things I absolutely needed to get done today. Now, these aren’t an issue of deadlines and work, more housekeeping and good hostmanship, but it puzzles me that I’ve put this off until now. Is it because I know I can take care of it before people start coming over? Is it because I love the thrill of going head to head against the clock? I don’t, but it does motivate me to work harder than I normally would. Or is it just because I don’t mind putting stuff off as long as other stuff is getting done? All the plates have to be spun after all. Ice cream break.

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