All Day, Every Day

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today was a weird one, folks. I got a lot done, I’ve been up since the morning, but I feel strangely unaccomplished. I am chalking this up to a new routine of doing things I am trying out. Whereas the old method was structured on the idea of business before pleasure, this one is a little more unpredictable. I’m still tackling the business side of things (doing some of it right now, as a matter of fact) but I think just not dedicating that first block of hours at the start of the day solely to matters of productivity is what’s throwing me off. Or maybe it’s that I paused everything to watch a tragic World Cup match. Or maybe it’s because the rainy season finally broke here and I was treated to a delightful storm, but no real sunshine today. Either way you look at it, today has been a weird one. I’m going to stick at it though, I’ve still got energy left in me today and we’ll see in a few days time how viable this strategy really is.


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