You Should Try and Spell Differently

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey and hello and good night and can I get you a beverage and where were you when I was painting a ladder to put next to the other ones, where were you when I needed sweet inspiration, when I needed to lead the nation of thoughts into a unified cause, the poem, the verse, the blessing, the curse, a great deal of images and photographs kept in a box until they can be ordered in such a matter to tell a story, and what of it if it holds no regard for time, when time holds no regard for us or anything we did or wish to do, it never waits for us to finish or to rushes over when we need it, time is the insensitive, the aloof, the unreachable, the marquis of bad boyfriends that never calls and yet we find ourselves trying to tuck our heads beneath its big strong arms, trusting it to do what will be best for us when all it wants is to follow the plan it drafted up in the beginning, whether we are there or not, and we will not be


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