An Order of Fries

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

I could feel myself sleeping last night, as I lie in bed, I felt the stillness and the peace of a body at rest, with slow breathing and heart rate. It was only because I was between sleeping and waking and made a conscious decision to take it in in awareness. I thought how nice it would be to stay there, straddling that line for the entire night, but that’s an unreasonable expectation. Eventually, when you’re that tired and your mind and body are relaxing, succumbing to sleep is a certainty. I had been up later than I intended, I was hooked by the television and that sense of there being something unfinished that should be attempted, but doesn’t want to be done. So you stay awake, as if thinking about it and feeling guilty about it is some kind of productive behavior that substitutes for doing the work itself. Of course, it doesn’t, but it worked to get me to that point, it got me through some of my backlog of recorded television, and that’s better than nothing. So then I slept easily.


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