Here Is A Hole, Welcome To It

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Something I need to work on greatly is not taking things as personal affronts. We’re all guilty of it, we all deal with both ends of it every day as a sort of toll to access social media. Turns out, when you bring together everyone that you’ve only slightly known into a room and express an opinion, other people will dissent and disagree, and then arguments get started. This is often but not always a direct inverse of how passionately you feel when broaching the subject to begin with, because well, soapboxes, and it’s really too large to get into without going on for paragraphs and paragraphs, so let me try to be as succinct as possible about this to stick with my 150-200 word blog post target in the name of progress and laziness:


If your opinion has a built-in clause or your wording is so poor that it’s designed to make someone feel stupid, then people who disagree with you will be put on the defensive. And since they have a platform for broadcast as well, they will want to put you on blast. And then you hate everyone, and everyone hates you except for the people that agree with you because they have a thin, linear political leaning that’s based more on hurt feelings than common sense.

So cut your shit, and post more animal pictures. I’m begging you.


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