Wire Cube

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have a strange pull of the macabre, the unknowable draws me in like a hooked fish. Not in the sciences, not in the religious, but in the darkness. The crimes and wrongdoings of the world that go on like a mystery, the confidential acts of war buried deep within the recesses of men’s darkest decisions, these are the things that I crave to know. Perhaps because of their very impossibility, the heavy ciphers laid crosswise over a fact that goes unknown by the vast majority of people in the world, sometimes none but the loneliest of crimes buried so deeply that they might not find light. The Somerset Man, Taman Shud, remains my favorite. What a peculiar and poignant series of visual cues.  They continue to investigate it, and if people are really being honest about it (as they so often will not) it seems like the final pieces necessary have come to light and paint a stunning picture of espionage in a foreign land. It really gets me right in the brain, man. Oh, and The Buzzer. And so many others.


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