Tomorrow Is Everything

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Chewing the sores on the inside of his lips in the cloud-lit hours of the morning, City Councilman Warren Taylor arrhythmicly drummed a pen between his fingers, twisting it like a propeller one way and then the other, lifting his hand an inch every time it caught on the blotter sitting on his desk.  The campaign had been a slam dunk, the election was nothing to lose sleep over, and now here he was with his own office in City Hall. It was Monday. He had no idea what the hell his job was. During the course of his electioneering, he’d made a lot of vague statements and promises about one thing or the other, and had never really listened to the words coming out of his mouth the way the local citizenry had. He just read what the speechwriter gave him. Tapping his breast pocket, he was dismayed to note that no speech was there now. He simply twisted his pen and waited for the red light to blink on his phone to accept congratulations on his first day on the job from one person or another. An early lunch was likely.


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